Hi, I'm Casey Dunham. I'm an independent security researcher and security consultant based out of Portland, Maine, USA.

A Brief Background

I've always been interested in security and hacking. When I was an early teen I attended 2600 meetings whenever possible and Phrack was bedtime reading for me.

Along with hacking, programming was always something I did either for fun or work. Throughout my career as a developer, I've worked in a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Most of my software development experience is in the financial and SCADA industry. I've worked on small one man projects, large teams, and multi-national projects.

My development background has been incredibly important to my career in information security. It enables me to find issues quicker and to go deeper when performing secure code reviews. It allows me to quickly write one off scripts for testing and to quickly reverse client applications. First and foremost though, my experience enables me to understand development teams and the challenges they face. I know the tools, processes, and people.

Creating Better Teams

My main area of focus right now is on teaching and mentoring. I provide security awareness training tailored for all areas of business. I mentor development teams on agile security to create more robust and secure applications.

For those who want to learn to find and exploit vulnerabilities, or dig deeper. I also teach the offensive side of application security.

If you feel that I can be of any help to you, or just want to say hi, please drop me a message on Twitter or through one of the other methods on my contact page.