DerbyCon V: Unity

At this moment I am sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to Louisville, KY where in a few days DerbyCon V will be starting.  Wednesday and Thursday of this week I will be in Chris Hadnagy’s Advanced OSINT training course with DerbyCon kicking off Friday.

I didn’t post anything regarding DEF CON this year as I had planned to do as I was completely distracted by personal matters that came up and didn’t feel much like writing or doing much else.

For the most part all of that is in the past, and thankfully, better.

I’m looking forward to this years DerbyCon more than any other as not only do I get to see all of my friends, but will have a chance to take training myself for once and just focus on learning for a couple of days.

I’ll be attending the Hacker Family Dinner and DerpyCon on Thursday night and will be at BourbonCon on Friday night.

Hope to see you all around.