Happy Thanksgiving!

This year was a very low key Thanksgiving and I am very ok with that. I hate to travel during holidays. It doesn't matter if it is just down the road or across the country. I would rather stay home and relax with those closest with me. I've never been a big holiday person. I don't get excited when it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween (well maybe Halloween). To me, holidays are a chance for me to relax and celebrate in my own ways. By doing things I want to do and by NOT working.

I decided today that I would spend a bit of time and get a blog back up and running (I have another post in draft with some thoughts on this). I have never really been a big blogger, but I feel that at this point in my life and career, I need to start writing more. Even if it is just an occasional post or two about some esoteric subject that I am interested in (I also have a pretty large stack of books I have been sent to do reviews on that I need to get to).

So while my wonderful partner was working on getting Hank in the oven (for some reason she and my step daughter decided the turkey needed a name), I was hard at work on getting this blog up and running (thanks for letting me spend the time on this)!

I still have a few things to add to the site, but I'm happy enough with it right now to start using it.

And last but not least, thank you to all of my friends, family and extended network! Hope you have had (and continue to do so) a great holiday and manage to spend time with those you love!

And a sincere, very heartfelt thank you, to my partner for all of the support, understanding, love and friendship.

Thank you.